Work With Me

I’m careful about how I spend my time, but occasionally I take private clients.

I’ll either charge you a lot, or I’ll work with you for free.

I charge a lot so we’ll both be sharply focused when we work together.  You’ve got a problem that is worth money to solve, so deciding to pay for it is evidence of the sense of urgency you are bringing to the table.  I’m giving up time with my family, and I’m only going to say yes if I think I can help you and we’ll both feel great about the work we do together.

I’ll work with you for free if you’re my friend, if your personal circumstances are super-compelling, or your problem is something I’m very curious about but not sure whether/how I can help.

For most people, we’ll work together in 2 or 3 30-minute sessions, by phone or Skype.  In the first one we get to the essence of the problem and I give you some homework and figure out together how long you need to work before we should talk again.

Examples of things I help people with are decisions/next actions at the intersections of work and life: applying to graduate school (or figuring out whether they should); deciding whether to take a promotion or a lateral move or change careers; figuring out what to do after you’ve earned all the money you need; should-I-stay-or-should-I-go with a workplace situation that’s good but not great?

I do a little bit of tactical detail work, too: resume or cover letter or essay feedback, interview prep, negotiation coaching.