2014 was the Year of Doing What Works, aka the Year of No Big Changes.  I challenged myself to think about doing only small things, consistently, that I know make me happier and more fulfilled, and not daydreaming about big changes or escapism, or about becoming a person fundamentally different from who I am.

One of the things I let myself try as part of that was reading self-help books without shame or irony.  And that turned out to be surprisingly awesome.

One of the books I’m still delving into was an oldie but goodie — the Tony Robbins classic Awaken the Giant Within.  I ran through an exercise of consciously choosing/identifying my values.  You can see by the slashes that it was hard to narrow down so I cheated a bit with combinations to get at what I really feel I meant.   Here’s what I decided to focus on — not what came to me initially, but what I WANT to have guiding my decisions.




The biggest controversy in doing this was in what I omitted, probably.  (Internal controversy, of course I mean).  The other was in adding prosperity/investment at all.

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